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My mom's writing has been plagiarized!

...by a romance novelist.

Further details to be found at http://wombat1138.livejournal.com/100474.html#cutid2
I have said the Pledge of Allegiance twice today. Once in Mimbres at the Evergreen Garden Society Meeting and once in Cliff at the school board meeting. It's a little bit of overkill.

There was a high school freshman there reciting poetry he's written and oh my god--he hit every stereotype of Cliff school I could think of. I mean, he got there up in his jeans and his denim shirt, and (I didn't actually see them but I imagine boots) he stuck his thumbs in his belt, cupping the belt buckle, and he spoke with a cowboy sort of drawl as he recite a poem about his brother at the rodeo. He started writing 'cause his dad listened to country all the time and he just wanted to see if he couldn't write down his own stories. It was adorable. And good--very good poetry and his mom was there advocating for the school to bring drama back to the high school and he was there partly because he'd there started a writing club. It was awesome.
So there's the anime. It's called Desert Punk. It's kindof disgustingly rude and crude. It has a girl with breasts bigger than her head who gets called Boobie Lady a lot. It's amoral and pervy in that weird Japanese way--and I think I love it. It has a live action opening. And the best ending song ever. I...I'm a little ashamed.
PBS is showing a documentary right now on how poison used to make zombies may be useful for space travel.

I'm reading a year's worth of shonen jump and PBS is weirding me out.

Also I can't decide if Numbers doing a live action MMORG turned murderous is better or worse than House being recruited by the CIA.

In other news, I have just been recruited to make up a forestry presentation and then present it this Friday. To my brother's old 4th grade teacher. Who recognized me the moment I walked into her classroom in spite of the fact that I never went to Jose Barrios. I'm not sure I have the psychic powers necessary to become a teacher. Also Thursday I have to be in Mimbres at 1 and Cliff at 7 and there are at least three other things I need to do, all of which means I have to make up this forestry presentation tomorrow. Probably while I'm at the museum since we have a training on the Gila River Discovery trunks tomorrow morning (also, they've just realized their grant ends at the end of November, so they have to try and do all their presentations by then in spite of the fact that they haven't completely put together their presentations). And I am applying to NAU (which actually wants a 500 word essay titled "Why I Want to be a Teacher"--presumably to prepare you for reading essays on How I Spent Summer Vacation), Deming school systems (who want a hand-written essay on why I want to teach in Deming--because they are wily, crafty people), and UNM (who claim they only want a letter of intent to the department but actually mean they want an essay on: experiences that have served as a foundation for your work, how your interest in the field developed (avoiding personal, extracurricular or family background), how you planned academically for your goal, your undergraduate degree in general and your major in specific, any achievements and/or learning experiences that demonstrate motivation and inspiration (including but not limited to independent study courses, research conference presentations, internships, education abroad, closely related work experience, etc), and my qualifications in relation to my goal, "special" academic experiences, special projects that indicate ability to explore or master certain skills or knowledge, demonstrate the initiative and ability to develop ideas, the capacity to work through problems independently, and the determination to achieve goals, as wells as any special skills like computer or foreign languages, explain why I want to attend the program, how the department's curriculum matches my short and long term academic and career goals, show evidence I've investigated the program, the faculty and their research as well as resources and facilities, and how my interests match with the research interests of one or more faculty, THEN summarize why I believe I should be admitted to the program. Cutting out redundancy, of course.)

Seriously. UNM's prompt for a letter of intent is longer than the two other essays I have to write combined.

Also I'm going to Animas in December to teach middle and high schoolers about animal skulls. $150 a piece animal skulls.
Also I need new icons. Ideas?
Our website is fixed up and pretty now! gcecnm.org is incredibly much better than it was.

On the other hand, we have no volunteers. Even people who have worked with us before are suddenly refusing to answer back. It is getting very frustrating. I may have to resort to desperate measures. Next week.

Tomorrow I head to Roswell, for a fairly ceremonial event for AmeriCorps.

Home is awesome. Cold and prone to skunks, but still. Awesome.

I've never had a job with downtime before. It's really weird. I'm used to having a task at all times, and possibly one or two things waiting as well. Now, I keep hinting that I could use something else to do and my boss keeps taking that as "We should reorganize and prioritize what I've already given you to do!" I don't understand it at all. I yearn to be productive and people keep blocking me!

Possibly I could get more creative in finding things to do, but I find myself checking my friend's page daily for the first time in, umm, ever, and actually typing up some of the stuff that's been hanging around in crumbling notebooks. So I'm going with that for a while.

Aug. 31st, 2007

So I have a new job, at the Gila Conservation Education Center helping to run their "trunk education" program. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

One tiny problem though. Their website is really bad. I mean, writing running into the dark green background and non-existent links. I, somewhat roundabout and quiet, brought up the question of if they were going to have someone fix it (I would. Seriously.). My supervisor said it's not a priority. They use the page editor the host provides them and last time the format got screwed up. It doesn't matter really. As long as the information is there, that's all he cares about. I wanted to cry. I mean I sort of respect his point. Except that presentation is important. It totally does represent you to the rest of the world. And maybe the people they're trying to reach most don't use internet, but I have formed opinions about institutions related to the user-friendlyness and design of their web pages. I have. I know people that do. It's not totally a non-issue.

I don't like to think of myself as elitist. But maybe I am. Just a bit.
I'm always kind of mildly terrified when people start overestimating my experience.

I've started volunteering for the Silver City museum--although they keep calling me an intern. I'm wondering if I can get like a job description or something from them. Anyways, I got into the museum mostly based on the fact that the woman who runs the museum has worked with both my parents and loves them dearly. Seriously, I didn't even give them a resume. They are giving me projects based on experience they've heard about from my parents.

Anyways, I did say that I was interested in maybe going into museum education after I get a teaching degree. The Silver museum does not have anyone doing education. Projects discussed before I started including digitizing collections and sorting through newspaper clippings. But they're really nice and because I have a background in education, the project I currently have is going through their education outreach trunks. The kits they send out to teachers, mostly just stuff along a theme but with the goal of having some sort of curriculum. Inventory is fine. I can do that. I don't always know what everything is (I had to look up the weird metal object to learn it was called a trivet for example) but I can handle it. Being told to make them better--ideas on what to add to the trunks, fixing up more of a curriculum, etc--that's a little more intimidating. Offhandedly being told that they want another trunk on mining and maybe I can put that together later reaches into the mildly terrifying. I know nothing about mining! Very little about curriculum and lesson plans! Eep!

Still, this is pretty much exactly the field I'm considering so its probably one of the most awesome projects I could get at the museum. I just wish I could have held it off until I'd started work with the Gila conservation education center and actually had a chance to look at their trunks.
I felt really homesick today for one of the first times in a while.

The area I'm in now is one of those just on the edge of a growing Hispanic population. As in, there's not many people (of any ethnicity) moving into our failing logging town, but 15 minutes down the road the agricultural-based tiny town has a fairly large Spanish-speaking population.

Today, one of the girls I've worked with, a sweet girl, always listening and helping and being nice, turned around to one of her co-actors and asked "So why are there so many Mexicans in Mossy Rock anyways?" And then it went into a conversation on how ridiculous it was that the teachers were trying to make them say "Hispanic" (complete with rolled eyes) instead of Mexican. This was from one of the high school girls who was helping to lead the group.

And in some ways this incident has helped me clarify something that's been bugging me all year. So I know racism is everywhere, and New Mexico isn't paradise. Therefore I've been working hard to understand why every small comment whether it was about "those Mexicans" or a joke about low-rider vans because that's the kind of car "they" all drive, or the big things like when a 14 year old boy called one of his girl friends a "N---"; why all of these things made me want to run back to New Mexico. I mean, part of it was just going home, because I grew up around very well-educated liberals, but there was something more too.

I think the something more is the history and the connection. The idea that kids who make comments about Mexicans are actually going to have to face somebody who is personally offended and not just deal with some interfering busybody. The idea that Chicano Lit is important to study and the Latino vote is important in the country. And even if New Mexico fails so badly at bilingual education, at least it's up there in people's minds.

Anyways that's where I am. Also, I'm kind of ridiculously excited because a girl in my theater group who refuses to speak at all was actually giving me nods and head shakes to questions today. Yay! A response!

New pics start on page 4; canoing trip, walk with Amanda and Andrew Rome and Sakuracon!

Embed media? Does that mean I can make my posts play music? We live in a wacky new world. Someone was telling me the other day that some cars have breathalyzers attached to them so that you can't start the car if you're drunk or something. Next up will be flying cars. Or at least it should be. Flying cars that don't require gas. Seriously, its up to about 3.50 here. It makes me feel sad and grown-up.

Kim got a new bird, a little cockatiel called Chico. I don't really like pet birds because I always feel so sorry for them. Same reason it would be hard for me to have a fully indoors cat, I guess. Plus, this little guy seems so unhappy with being in a new surrounding with new people. I guess the woman Kim got him from had him for 6 months (possibly it was actually weeks) and her son had him for like 8 months before that. Poor little boy, getting passed around like that all the time.