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Dear Yuletide Author,

Yuletide is one of my favorite times and I'm really excited about the fandoms I've chosen this year; they're ones I actually have specific ideas for--but if you have a great idea of your own, go for that!.

First, my universal loves: I love world-building of any kind. I'm an anthropology geek and worldbuilding/cultural notes (and sometimes, misunderstandings)/weird linguistics etc really hit me hard in a good way. I also really appreciate people who are super competant and people with strong loyalties.

Not quite bulletproof, but still really fun: I like misunderstandings and underestimations of my favorites, but mostly if they end up resolved. I enjoy angst with a happy ending although bittersweet works too. But I'm also pretty good with happy domestic stuff too. Also, all my prompt ideas are pretty gen, but don't think you have to stick to that.

Onto the specifics!

Andromeda: I haven't actually managed to find all of this, but I've read all the spoilers :). This is one of those sci-fi shows where I really appreciate the potential for world-building and the exploration of different cultures, and I feel like fanfic does a better job than what I've seen of the show. I like Tyr, I like the opportunity to think of a culture that developed a different structure and a different morality--but I'm disappointed that he seems to have just been a bad guy at the end. I don't think he has to agree with the main characters; but I'd really like to see him as moral within his own cultures worldview (and his own culture as being moral in its own way). I'd also be happy for him not to be dead.

Protector of the Small: Keladry is amazing and I love her dearly. What I'm really interesting in exploring more with her though is the whole 2 cultures bit. The books (especially the first) did a decent job but still managed to make it a somewhat smooth transition. What were the bumps--the moments of complete cultural dissonance? What did she miss from the islands, what did she really not? Moving in between two cultures can be really hard, even if the one you move into is your "birth" culture.

Tiffany Aching series: I love Tiffany, she is excellent. I'm wondering more about Preston though, either as a teacher or a doctor, what's it like to court a witch? Maybe to be married to a witch? People seemed to be adjusting to Tiffany as a witch, as something separate from but important to the community...how do the day to day things fit in? Do people admire Preston or pity him? Is he more or less approachable than Tiffany?

Disgaea 4: Fenrich is really my focus here, on the super-competant and extremely-loyal character bit. I'd be pretty happy with anything focusing on him and his relationship to Valvatorez (I lean towards slash but I'd be happy with gen; but he's pretty fanatical either way). I'd enjoy seeing him deal with Valvatorez's fall and how he initially rationalizes to himself that he's serving someone who isn't an all-powerful ruthless vampire lord.

Wreck-It Ralph: I do like Ralph and Vanellope; they have a cute friendship/chosen family vibe that I love; but this is a world I'd be really interested in seeing an AU side to it. Ralph didn't like his 'place' and didn't like how he was treated. And he met Vanellope who seemed to be in a similar position, despised and laughed at, excluded for being different (wrong), and then he took her side and learned a valuable lesson and a bunch of other nice stuff (I do love this movie). But what if Vanellope hadn't been glitched by Turbo? What if she had always been the Queen (Princess?)? Would Ralph have connected to her at all? Would she have been interested in letting him get a medal or would she not have had the empathy that brought them together?

Practical Magic: I really like the idea of everyday magic; magics in soaps and herbals etc is fine and fun. Cooking magic, sewing magic, all that. With Practical Magic, I'd really like to see how a town that's just had confirmation that those weird women on the edge of town really are witches but good ones would deal with that daily magic. Whose coming for little spells, how do the girls handle school where everyone knows they can do magic...could be happy or angsty.

Anyways, I've got ideas about stuff; but mostly I will really love anything you feel like writing in the spirit of Yuletide.



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